For August 2022, Fellowship RCO would like to recognize

Kandi Dalton

There was a lot of trauma and chaos from the time I was born. My father was an alcoholic, and although my mother did not use, there was a lot of fighting and turmoil growing up. My mother focused on work and school after my parents separated to provide for my brother and me. 

"I always felt different, and I was always searching for something to fill the void. Something to make me feel whole. "

I thought I found what I was looking for from the first time I used. I started using at 11 years old, smoking marijuana. I realize now that I just wanted to numb all the feelings I had. I really loved being high. I actively used various substances for 28 years. I moved from place to place and thought that different people, places, and things would “fix” my issues, but there I was. My disease ran my life. Every second, and every day with out any regard or concern for what it was doing to the people who loved me.
Getting and using and finding ways to get more. My whole life was engulfed with using as much and as fast as I could. Nothing else mattered to me during that time. I lived for and would die for the next one daily. I had been in and out of institutions and Hospitals and the streets. I was literally dead spiritually, and almost dead physically. I was homeless for 7 years with no hope of change or a future. My only desire was one more. The kids, family, homes, and cars; I gave up for the next one and the losses weren’t enough to make me want to stop. I started this journey with a moment of charity from a higher power I didn’t even acknowledge at that time, living on rock bottom.

My clean date is May 31, 2020

I was the addict who no one including myself thought would or could get clean. Today, my only desire is to be a beacon of hope for those who feel like all is lost. I surrounded myself with strong women in recovery until I became one, and my tribe keeps growing. Fellowship RCO saved my life and gave me a chance when no one else would. I was shown grace and shown how to be an active member of the community through doing service and showing love. In the process I found my family. 

I have been able to reconnect with my mom and kids, build a solid group of support and chosen family around me,

I have a home filled with love, a wonderful sponsor and sponsees that are strong beautiful women, and I have real friends today.

I am forever grateful for Fellowship RCO showing me how to really live my life and I have all the reasons to stick and stay!