For July 2022, Fellowship RCO would like to recognize

Jereme Sheppard

Hello, I am Jereme, and I am an addict and an alcoholic. I have not had a mood or mind altering substance since June 26th, 2018.
I was raised to know about God but as I got older, I became rebellious and got introduced to drugs and alcohol and the wrong lifestyle. I knew about God but did not know how to enhance my relationship with him or tap into my God given abilities. I thought I was doing his will but I was doing my own will. I was deceiving myself.
I did not know how to confide in God, I lost my connection with him, but he never let me go. I prayed and used and prayed and used. Finally, it brought me to a realization that I could not stop using on my own and I needed his help. Eventually my life choices led me to jails and institutions; God was doing for me what I could not do for myself.
Drugs and alcohol brought me to my knees. I hit a bottom that was a disgrace to myself and my family. I lost my integrity, conscience, morality and dignity. I did not like the lifestyle or the person I became. I reached out to God and he answered my prayers. God knew what I really needed and that was some human connection, and help from others who were experiencing the same things I was going through. That’s when I was granted an opportunity from the courts to go to Fellowship Recovery Community Organization. Fellowship RCO introduced me to Alcoholics Anonymous and the kind of structure I needed to truly heal from my disease, trauma, and lack of social skills.

AA has helped me get through some things in my life I would normally use over. I have gotten to meet so many people on this recovery journey that are fighting the same diseases as I am. I have regained my integrity, dignity, morality, my conscience and my confidence. I get to make conscious and healthy decisions today. I get to be a source of strength and hope for the newcomers. This Recovery Journey has given me the opportunity to meet and help people the way others have helped me to get through some situations where I have struggled and I have overcome in my own recovery.

I’m grateful I get to look at myself on a constant basis and see what I can change about myself to be a better person. I could not have done any of these things without the help of you all. People in recovery working a program, the Fellowship family, my sponsor, but most importantly God. I have my relationship with God that I get to build on a daily basis and a faith that is unwavering.

Thank God for AA!

I am so grateful to Fellowship RCO for accepting me, the judge who took a stand for me when I felt hopeless. and I am grateful for the recovery community for welcoming me into their family. I have met and built relationships with people I never would have met without the turn my life took over 4 years ago. Because of my new relationships, I have been able to grow, learn, and become the best version of myself. My life is forever changed. I was able to get a job and have held the same job for over 4 years, I have started my own business, taken on my own sponsees and continue to work on my own program on a daily basis all while being on community control. Recently, Rick Riccardi and Kyle Pollock represented Fellowship RCO in court and spoke on my behalf which resulted in me becoming ankle monitor free! 

The gifts of recovery keep coming, and I am so grateful to call Fellowship RCO my home!