For October 2022, Fellowship RCO would like to recognize

JT Ferguson

Hi I’m an addict my name is JT.
My clean date is August 25th 2019.
I was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada. I had a great childhood and a loving family growing up. I’m the youngest of 3 kids. My parents instilled good values and morals and there was probably no indication that I would make the decisions I eventually made and go down the path that I did. I played sports, had great friends and did well in school. I started doing drugs at a young age and the disease of addiction progressed quickly.

I started seeing consequences at home first with my parents, then at school, getting suspended and expelled, then with the law. All that I cared about was getting high and it didn’t matter on what. I went to countless detoxes and treatment facilities, went to juvenile hall, jail, overdosed, ended up homeless, all over and over again. I had been given the opportunity to change my life countless times but I could never manage to stay clean. Always burning bridges and breaking trust. I dragged my family through the mud and put them in a position where they had to protect themselves from me. Eventually I got to a point where I saw no reason to try to get clean again. I kept on ending up in the same places hitting bottom after bottom.

One day, I was at another bottom and reached out for help to my family. I was able to get into a treatment center in Florida not really looking for long term recovery. But when I got out I went to Fellowship, That’s where I met my first sponsor and built my foundation for my recovery.

I got a homegroup and a commitment at that home group where I made the coffee. I worked my steps with that sponsor, I went to a lot of meetings and nurtured a relationship with a higher power. I gained a lot of good friends, rebuilt the relationships with my family and learned from people in the program how to deal with life because my way isn’t working. At some point during that process I started to truly want to stay clean because for a while I really didn’t. I was just waiting for myself to mess everything up and go back out and die. Now I have the experience, strength, and hope to share with other men in recovery.

Today I have a beautiful full life that I couldn’t have imagined and it’s only getting better. I have great friends, a great job, the best family on the planet, a beautiful relationship with my family, I got my license back and a vehicle, I moved halfway and have my own apartment. I never even thought I’d be able to get a bank account again but I did. Now I’m getting ready to move back home to Vegas and have the career I’ve wanted since I was a little kid. I’m very grateful for my life and everybody that has helped me along this journey. Not every day is peachy but I know if I don’t use it I’ll be alright.