Fellowship Recovery Center

Fellowship Recovery Community Organization opened it’s doors in 2015, and it was the first active RCO in the state of Florida. Since it’s inception, we’ve developed a lot of relationships throughout Broward county and found a model of success for sustained sobriety. Every individual recovering from a substance use disorder may have a different story to tell, and a different journey.

An important part of the recovery journey is making connection. Our recovery center is a hub for linking people who struggle with substance use disorder and mental health to the proper resources, peer, and social support. We are always striving to bulk up our programs, improve our resources, and strengthen our connections. Check them out below and see how you can help!

Workforce Development
We have built an entire community of mentors and advisors to help individuals recovering from substance use disorders to land the perfect job. Systemic pathways have been created to facilitate an individual’s reentry into the workforce through workshops, networking, and overall support and we call it our Back 2 Work Program.
Fellowship Recovery Community Organization understands the importance of education as another part of an individual's recovery journey. We offer workshops ranging from beginner to intermediate in computer skills, parenting, financial literacy, Narcan certification training, recovery coaching, and have a partnership with a local technical school to offer services to members of the recovery community to pursue their GEDs and technical degrees.
Life Skills
Life Skills are essential to managing and living a better quality of life. Visitors that come to our center as part of their recovery journey are seeking help in many areas and rely on us for these services. There is no fee for most of our programs and services, but we need your help so we can continue to help people recovering from substance use disorders and maintain their sobriety, accomplish their ambitions, and live to their full potential.
Reducing Recidivsm
Recovery is a process of psychic change. Changing the way we see our world and the role we play in it. Our residents who are active in their recovery, live a new life. A changed life - a drug free life. Reoffending is no longer part of their story.
Community Outreach
Fellowship RCO is committed to supporting efforts to prevent relapse and if it occurs, supporting a quick return to recovery. Last year, when we were faced with the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine was necessary, we developed our telephone recovery support service. Individuals who struggle with substance use disorders often find that isolation can be a dangerous place. With TRS, we have found a way to ensure peer support was still possible. We are involved with Broward County’s Community Response Team, Community Court, and also members of the Chamber of Commerce.
Our mission is to create awareness & reduce stigma towards people who struggle with substance use disorder and mental health issues. We connect with our local city and county government officials, our local churches, schools, and our state legislators to show how substance use disorders affect families and communities, and how Fellowship Recovery Community Organization is a major part of the solution.
Resource Connections
We offer to the people who come through our doors is not only linkage to the proper resources, but we host events, activities to prevent isolation, and promote fellowship and unity. We offer health and human services through our housing and life coach on staff. We serve our community with compassion and support, and we don’t turn anyone away who comes in seeking help.
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An Important part of the recovery journey is making connections. Our Recovery Center is a hub for linking people with Substance Use Disorders to the proper resources, Peer, and social support. We are always striving to bulk up our programs, improve our resources, and strengthen our connections. Check them out below and see how you can help!

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