For September 2022, Fellowship RCO would like to recognize

Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jr

My name is Juan Pablo Gonzalez, and I am an addict. I grew up in Katy, a suburb of Houston, Texas and I come from a financially stable family. As a kid I was always getting into trouble, and I would take all my anger out on the ones that I love the most. I grew up catholic and established a relationship with God at an early age, studying the bible, going on mission trips, and serving. I had addict behavior growing up and I developed an eating disorder in my early teens because I was insecure, depressed and not comfortable in my skin. In ninth grade I started smoking weed to cope with my problems. I dropped out of school by tenth grade and started using drugs. I alienated myself from my family because of the shame and guilt I had for disappointing them. I could not see any hope for my future, and I became suicidal.

At the age of 16 I was arrested and placed in juvenile corrections. During that time, I was able to reconnect with God and appreciate the life that I had. When I was released, my addiction only progressed. I associated with other juveniles and started drinking and using drugs again. I chose a life of being homeless, instead of living with my family because I wanted to get high. By the grace of God, I still graduated high school and enrolled myself in barber school. When my life became somewhat good again, I decided I wanted to change. I realized that it would not be fair for me to cut my life short and for my parents to bear the burden of burying their son. One night after school, I heard an advertisement on my phone saying, “if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please contact me now.” I knew it was a sign and I decided to reach out for help. At the age of 19 I landed myself into a treatment center for the first time in south Florida. I was physically, mentally, and spiritually bankrupt. For the next 6 months I was in and out of rehab and I could not stay clean. I took a suggestion and decided to move into Fellowship Recovery RCO’s Recovery Residence on March 15th, 2021.
I was willing to do whatever it took for me to stay clean, but I still had the urge to get high. Fellowship RCO’s program introduced me to working a real program of recovery.
I got a sponsor, a job, attended meetings, and worked the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  

I did whatever it took to be successful and stayed long enough to recognize that my life is more valuable than getting high.

Today I am mindful, responsible, and accountable. I’m able to serve God in my everyday living, I work in the field of recovery, and I surround myself with great people that I aspire to be like, and who positively impact the community.
I am able to be present for my family, and my parents do not lose sleep worrying about me anymore. I pursue my passions in life! I practice meditation, Brazilian jiu jitsu, yoga, working out, and photography.
The most important lesson I have learned is that I must stay vigilant with my inner work, my recovery, and work on my shortcomings with the help of my Higher Power and the connections I have made. I commit to service, I share my experience, strength, and hope, and I reach out to newcomers to show them how recovery is possible.

I do not live to die anymore. Today I live to live, and to fulfill my purpose in life which is help others!