Access Wireless

The specifics of the Access Wireless program

As with most free government cell phone programs in most states, Access Wireless service is absolutely free if you’re eligible. In all states other than California (which has a better plan), you’ll get a free cell phone, at least 250 voice minutes, unlimited texts per month. The minutes can be used for local or domestic long distance calling and tex messaging. There are a variety of plans, based upon your state and potentially what you are looking for. Here’s how it breaks down:
All States other than California:

Free Talk, Text & Data Plan: 1000 Minutes talk, unlimited texts and 50 MB Data.

Who qualifies?

As with every other free government cell phone participant, Access Wireless says that service varies by state. Depending on individual state regulations, the number of minutes and other services offered may vary and the ways in which you can qualify may vary.

In general, it’s fair to say that you may qualify for if you participate in a number of the government assistance programs or if your household income is 135-150% of the federal poverty guidelines (the percentage varies by state).