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At Fellowship, we offer a variety of Peer Recovery Support Services that assist individuals with obtaining life skills, work opportunities, computer literacy, and the fundamentals necessary to live a successful and limitless life without drugs or alcohol.

No matter what stage of life or of recovery you’re at, our team of dedicated peer support staff will help you set and achieve new goals.

Here's just a few of the programs we offer...
Back-To-Work Programs
GED & College Programs
Life Skills Programs
Computer Training
Telephone Recovery Support
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Back 2 Work Program

At Fellowship, we understand how daunting it can be to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus. The purpose of the Back-to-Work program is to help individuals in recovery transition back into the workforce. This is a place where you can connect with mentors, advisors, get tips,  get all support you need and above all, land the perfect job!

  • Resume building.
  • Job Search.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Dress for success.

Peer Support

Peer support encompasses a range of activities and interactions between people who share similar experiences of being diagnosed with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, or both. This mutuality between a certified recovery peer specialist (CRPS) and person in or seeking recovery promotes connection and inspires hope.

  • Peer specialists share their own experience to unite and empower the peer to discover their unique path to recovery.
  • The peer specialists are able to advocate for services and educate the community on the needs in our system of care.
  • FRCO provides recovery and wellness training to peers and the community to improve the services in Broward County.
  • FRCO peer specialists help assist peers with access to competitive jobs, continuing education, independent housing, as well as access to needed behavioral or medical health needs.

Telephone Recovery Support

  • Telephone Recovery Support is completely free and confidential
  • All calls are made from the FRCC offices, Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm.
  • Contact is by phone only, if you need in-person peer support or resource navigation please contact Fellowship Recovery Community Organization (754-205-7428 # OR
  • Calls are made by staff and volunteers with at least six months of recovery experience as a person in recovery or recovery ally, who have completed our 6-hour training.
  • At any time, you can discontinue receiving weekly support phone calls by informing MRC.
  • FCRO discontinues providing you weekly support phone calls after 3 consecutive months of no contact. You can contact us at any time to resume your Telephone Recovery Support services!

Back 2 School Program

At Fellowship RCO, we understand that an individual’s past does not have to define their future. The Back-to-School program was designed to help individuals in recovery meet their educational goals, which will lead to fulfilling careers. We partner with advisors and mentors from Atlantic Technical College, Broward College, Sheridan Technical College, and Nova Southeastern University to help participants get into their desired programs of study. The Back-To-School program is how students in recovery can get the support they need to be successful.


  • Enrollment Assistance
  • Mentoring/ Goal Setting
  • Financial Aid Navigation
  • Workshops for Critical Writing Skills
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