BioSound Therapy helps individuals take back control of their emotional reactions and focus on quality of life, relationships, and health. It has been proven to be beneficial for patients who suffer from trauma, stress, depression and anxiety.

Biosound Therapy is an increasingly and popular course of treatment for those experiencing mental health and or substance abuse issues in their life. The process is simple and painless. During the session Biosound Therapy client sits down in a special chair that most resembles a dentist chair, they’re covered with a blanket, and they’re exposed to a variety of vibration patterns. The vibration pattern are heard and can also be seen.

The purpose of Biosound Therapy is to put the nervous system in a complete state of relaxation that can actually slow down the heartbeat. The method of Biosound Therapy has shown a promising discovery within the treatment for depression and anxiety, but more recently it’s been shown to improve the chances of someone suffering with substance abuse issues to have a better chance at staying clean.

It is not that surprising that mental health and substance abuse disorders are often co-occurring conditions, that stem from the same issues within the brains paths and passages, they are closely related to each other. So it is not to far-fetched to think that Biosound Therapy could help with depression and anxiety that often prohibit people with mental health and substance abuse problem overcome their personal issues.

Biosound Therapy is a holistic non invasive which does not involve any narcotics or artificial being added to your body. Its sole purpose is to stimulate and heighten a sense of relaxation throughout your body through vibrations and sound waves.

Bisound therapy helps with the following conditions:

⦁ Addiction
⦁ Anxiety
⦁ Depression
⦁ Eating Disorders
⦁ Insomnia
⦁ Chronic Stress
⦁ Detoxification from Drug Use
⦁ Headaches
⦁ Muscle Pain
⦁ Fatigue
⦁ High Blood Pressure