March 2024

My name is Steven Leo, and I am honored to be voted as the recovery hero for this month.

I was born in Ft. Lauderdale and was adopted into the Leo family just a few days after birth. Early on in my youth, maybe as young as 12-years-old, I began experimenting with Marijuana and alcohol.

From that time on my life has been one of jails ,institutions, and chronic homelessness as a result of my substance use disorder. I had attempted to get sober a couple of times in my 30’s and 40’s and on one occasion put together 2 years of sobriety in California.

In 2020 after being incarcerated for charges linked to my alcoholism, I was given the chance to go to Banyan, a treatment facility which is a dual diagnosed program. After completing 90 days of treatment I arrived at Fellowship Recovery Community Organization’s Men’s Recovery Residence. I arrived with a large plastic garbage bag of clothes and nothing else but hope for change and a new life. Fellowship RCO’s staff, and residents accepted me right away and that was a great comfort.

Since arriving at Fellowship RCO’s Recovery Residence on September 9th, 2021 my life has completely changed. I was provided with the structure and support I needed to turn my life around. Something that set this part of my recovery journey apart from any other attempts was the unconditional love I received from the moment I arrived and the family I’ve gained was exactly what I needed. I gave my all to the program and worked it as it was intended. I took suggestions, I got a sponsor, and worked steps with that sponsor. My program had such a profound impact over my life and I’m grateful now to have the ability to help the next person in need of the same offerings I have received. I sponsor others seeking recovery and share a message of hope to others.


Shortly after I became a participant at Fellowship RCO’s Recovery Residence, I was offered an opportunity to work as a technician at the Respite and did so for a few years. Helping the participants in early recovery was a calling I didn’t know I had, but the compassion and experiences I could share with the participants was a beautiful example of how great this program is if you work it. Connecting with others and meeting them where they are at in the moment is important. Staying present and taking one step at a time, and learning how to trust the process, learning to trust others and ourselves and lending an ear when it is needed goes a long way in early recovery. I got to be that for so many people, and they got to be that for me also.

Recently I have taken on a new role at Fellowship RCO working as part of the maintenance team. Working with my hands, and contributing to the sustainability of an organization that has done so much for me; brings me so much joy. Fellowship RCO is my home, and I take pride in my home.

I’ve turned 60 years old recently, and never imagined a life as prosperous as the one I am living today. Today, I am a productive member of society. I have an extended family of others in recovery, I get to explore new hobbies, spend time with friends, and build deep connections with people in the community. I do service in my community; doing homeless outreach and offering my experience, strength and hope to others. I am finally who I was always intended to be, and still learning and growing.

I am grateful to all who love and support us in our individual space of recovery, all Praise and Glory go to my Father in Heaven for surrounding me with an army of amazing people.


Steven Eric Leo

You Can Sponsor A Future Recovery Hero