TRS Volunteer Application

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Telephone Recovery Support volunteers include:

• Providing peer-to-peer recovery support by reaching out over the phone to “recoverees” who have been identified by Fellowship RCO
• Showing support by simply “checking-in” with recoverees and allowing recoverees to choose their own path to recovery
• Listening
• Recognizing and encouraging recoverees’ strengths and achievements
• Identifying possible barriers to recovery and offering suggestions for removing those barriers
• Connecting recoverees to resources and organizations that can help remove barriers to recovery
• Maintaining and nurturing their own personal recovery in order to model the transformative power of recovery
• Sharing their own experience, strength, and hope with recoverees
• Practicing appropriate ethics and boundaries
• Advocating for recovery
• Accurately representing the role of Fellowship RCO to the recovery community
• Complying with all Fellowship RCO policies and procedures outlined in the Fellowship RCO Volunteer Handbook